Our Build’s estimating and quantity surveying services offer a great range of benefits to you, including:

·         Ball park costs help you at the concept stage, assisting you to decide if you can scale your ideas up or down before starting or finalising designs.

·         Detailed estimates let you know exactly what you should be paying for your project by the time it’s ready for tendering.

·         Trade specific estimates can be done for a particular trade or speciality supply item that you may require for your project, assisting you in costing.

·         Quantity surveying helps you to know how much of a particular item, material or resource is needed for your project.

From how much concrete is needed for your footings, how many bricks or tiles to what lengths of timber it will take to build your project, etc, we can help you and assist in supplier pricing to get you the best cost for your materials.

Whatever your needs, we can tailor a package to suit them.